Precise Widths and Tolerances


Depending on the end-product application, we will use either of two slitting processes to prepare your materials for die-cutting. Our rewind slitters mechanically unwind the master roll, slit the material to the proper width, and automatically rewind the slit material into narrow rolls for further processing. Our computer controlled, single knife “baloney” slitters precisely cut stock from the master roll without rewinding. They are capable of slitting material from .125” to 60,” while holding very tight tolerances.

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  • “Action is at the top of the list…”

    “Action is at the top of the list. They help us figure it out and provide us with the best solutions, including the tapes to use. And while customer service and response time have been a constant, Action has also provided tremendous design resources.”

    Sandra Miller
    Product Development Manager
    Tribar Manufacturing

  • “Action has the most competitive pricing…”

    “Action has the most competitive pricing and the most responsive service. They excel on all aspects—best support, pricing, delivery, and service. They are innovative and provide solutions to challenging supply situations. They are a trustworthy and valued supply partner.”

    Kaitlin Haist
    Eimo Technologies, Inc.

  • “Action worked with us to develop…”

    “Action worked with us to develop new products which reduced costs and production time. They were willing and eager to take on this challenge which has served to strengthen our business relationship. Their quality is wonderful; we can always count on a great product.”

    Sonja Anderson
    Muth Mirror Systems